Delta 8 Espresso Noir Bar


  • Delta 8 Espresso Noir Bar
  • Delta 8 Espresso Noir Bar

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The first gourmet flavored bar in our Cannabis chocolate line.
Enjoy the relaxing benefits of Delta 8 in a fine dark chocolate infused with ground espresso for a tasty and elegant flavor.  
Delta 8 thc tends to provide about half the high of delta 9 thc, without the anxiousness often associated with delta 9. This makes it a more subtle and relaxing high without the same risk of negative side effects. 
Each square contains 50 milligrams of delta 8 (10 servings per bar).  We recommend starting off smaller and increasing if needed.
While delta 8 typically takes 20-60 minutes to feel the effects, it can be considerably longer.  Learn your tolerance by starting with a quarter to a half piece, and increase as you need.

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