Comfort Bar - 250mg Delta 8 + 250mg CBD


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This is a chocolate bar that incorporates the science of Synergy, by combining multiple ingredients, to provide a tasty and enjoyable experience.

The Comfort Bar is a delicous way to relax with a very slight intoxicating effect... but not too much. 

Delta 8, which has an intoxicating effect, is countered by adding CBD.  The addition of CBD reduces any psychotropic from the delta 8, and makes the Comfort Bar perfect for those who prefer not to get "high", but more of a body comfort.  

Adding CBD, Passion Flower, and Ashwagandha into our 72% cocoa solids dark chocolate adds many potential health benefits.
The Comfort Bar is high in antioxidants and may assist with stress and anxiety, reduce inflamation, increased blood flow, increased insulin sensitivity, reduce depression and many other potential benefits.

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