Delta 9 / CBD 1:1 Bar - 3 Pack

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  • Delta 9 / CBD 1:1 Bar - 3 Pack
  • Delta 9 / CBD 1:1 Bar - 3 Pack

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Each chocolate bar contains: 100mg Delta 9 and 100mg CBD

Made with only the finest chocolate and cannabinoids, our Blue Planet Chocolate 1:1 bar is for those who are looking for the benefits of THC and CBD without the heavy intoxication some other edibles can cause.  A mix of 100mg each Delta 9 THC and 100mg CBD creates a more comfortable, less of a “high” feel.  For those new to the edibles market, this is a perfect piece to begin with. It tastes perfect too.

This product is also ideal for the more experienced edibles lover that is looking for a relaxation of the mind and body while still enjoying a productive day.

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